Farmhouse Lamb Box

Farmhouse Lamb Box


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100% Lamb

Order week 1 for delivery week 2.

All orders are despatched in chilled boxes to keep temperature and will be delivered to your preferred address between 9am-4pm. Do not worry if you are not in, our courier service will leave the order in a safe place (or designated place if requested on the special instructions at checkout).​ Disclaimer: Our boxes can only guarantee to hold temperature within the day of delivery, please ensure you refrigerate the products as soon as possible.

We will use recyclable boxes where possible but due to the demand for more lamb boxes because of the current economic climate with Covid19 then we may have to use other types of packaging during this difficult period for the country.

This delicious selection contains the following:-

2 x Lamb Shank – ideal for braising or slow cooking

2 x Roasting Leg of Lamb (ideal for 4-5 people)

2 x Lamb Rump Steaks – a tasty alternative to a beef Picanha steak

2 x Rack of Lamb – a show stopper, the rack has some of the most tender flavourful meat.  (please add a note when ordering if you require the rack as individual chops)

2 x Roasting Shoulder of Lamb – serves 4-5, slow roast for a classic Sunday lunch, also perfect in curries and tagines due to the beautiful marbling throughout.

2 x Lamb Neck Chop

2 kg Lamb Mince – ideal for making burgers or Koftas

16 x Lamb Loin Chops – individual chops are great for a quick cook.


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