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British Pie Week 7th-13th March 2016

It is British Pie Week on 7th-13th March 2016- a celebration of the classic, tasty and versatile pie.
But what is the history of the humble pie?
Well according to good old Wikipedia – the definition of pie is a “baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of sweet or savoury ingredient”.
Evidence of sweet pies can be found in ancient Egyptian tombs and sometime before 2000BC a recipe for chicken pie was written on a table in Sumnar. The ancient Greeks are believed to have originated pie pastry and pie recipes have been found in  1st  century Roman cookbooks. And still to this day the pie remains a staple diet of people around the world with all of us enjoying a sweet or savoury pie at some point.
So to pay homage to these ageless dishes why not make a pie this week with another age old ingredient - venison
Our award-winning venison will offer you a rich, flavoursome pie filling and we even have a couple of good recipes to give you ideas.
Go on......embrace the pie today!