Our new British Wild brand

British Wild is our new brand of fully traceable wild venison that will meet the public demand to make the most of our native wild deer in Britain.  As the name implies it is seasonal British wild venison. Venison's natural qualities as one of the healthiest meats available has led to a game renaissance and Holme Farmed Venison have stepped up to the mark to provide our consumers with the choice they are looking for of both farmed and wild venison.

Sustainably sourced and seasonal quality wild venison

Our wild venison is sourced from all species of deer during their legal hunting seasons and will only be available during these seasons. We can offer our customers the unique  opportunity to know what they are eating as each pack will carry a species code which will follow the deer from the wild through the game chain to our factory.  This will allow both chefs and consumers to taste a range of venison from a range of breeds.

Full of flavour

Wild venison has a much more intense gamey flavour compared to farmed venison and with careful selection and good butchery we can assure the same quality and tenderness as our farmed. Our customers will now have a choice of either farmed or wild.  Both offer the same qualities of being healthier than other red meat but wild will have the gamey flavour that some people prefer.  Why not try both and see which you prefer? We ensure all our animals used are of the highest quality thus ensuring that all of our meat both farmed and wild is not only tender but full of flavour.  

We believe that quality is of the utmost importance and consequently our business has become renowned for a range of top quality, naturally produced meats.

As a family business we pride ourselves on being able to offer a personal service, supplying all our products fresh right to your door.  Our products can also be found in the best food retail outlets, gourmet pubs and restaurants and top grocery stores across the country.

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