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Holme farmed venison launch British Wild brand

British Wild is our new brand of fully traceable, seasonal wild venison that is making the most of native wild deer from across Britain.

All the meat is provided by a trusted network of suppliers, including those in the game trade as well as trained hunters, enabling the company to guarantee the quality of the sustainably sourced venison.

Each pack of British Wild venison, from a simple burger to a tasty loin, will carry a species code, which will follow the deer from the wild through the game chain to the factory, where it will be labelled with the type of deer the meat is from. This will let customers know exactly what they are eating and enable them to taste a range of venison from a variety of breeds.

British Wild venison is sourced from all species of deer during their legal seasons. It will not be available outside these dates or supplemented with imported products during this time.

Nigel Sampson, Director of Holme Farmed Venison and Chairman of the British Deer Farms and Parks Association said: “British Wild will complement our farmed season, reducing the need for imported products to the UK while managing a natural resource.

“Over the last ten years venison has found favour with a wider audience. Wild venison has a more intense gamey flavour and with careful selection and good butchery, we can assure quality and tenderness.”

Recent research shows that demand for venison is at an all-time high with sales up 413 per cent on last year – from £1.2million in 2013 to £6.4million last month. Venison is a healthy meat, as it is lean, low in fat and cholesterol, high in protein and a rich source of omega 3.

British Wild venison is available to buy in our products section.