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Just how healthy is venison then?

We keep hearing how healthy venison is, how it is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein than other red meats but just how healthy is it? Is it just a tiny bit better for you or a lot……well I decided to do some full on research to get to the bottom of this and guess what….it is a whole lot healthier for you. In fact if you are watching your weight and/or cholesterol then venison is for you. It means by swapping the beef, lamb or even chicken in your meals for venison you can still enjoy meat…..and red meat at that….whilst still being super healthy. And if you are looking at boosting your body mass via weight lifting etc then venison is perfect as it is packed full of protein and iron whilst still being lean and healthy.
Still a bit sceptical….well here are the figures to persuade you to start eating more of this delicious red meat:
Comparison table* of venison, beef and chicken per 100g
So as you can see – venison is the best option when eating meat as part of a healthy eating plan.
Below is the nutritional information for some of our products:
Have we convinced you yet? Why not give venison a go if you haven’t already and join the thousands of others who have discovered its delicious taste and its added health benefits. Order online from us today.
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