Wild Venison Casserole steak

Wild Venison Casserole steak


Our wild venison casserole mix is 300g of diced meat taken from the shank and shoulder for slow cooking recipes like stews or casseroles. Long, slow cooking is the ideal way to cook these cuts to get the best flavour and tenderness from them and provide you with a rich, warming and gamey flavoured stew.
Please see some of our delicious recipes using this popular venison cut.
100% wild venison

Orders are despatched using an overnight courier service and delivery dates can be selected at checkout.

All orders are despatched in chilled boxes to keep ambient temperature and will be delivered to your preferred address between 9am-4pm. Do not worry if you are not in, our courier service will leave the order in a safe place (or designated place if requested on the special instructions at checkout).

Our British Wild brand will be sourced from species of deer during their legal hunting seasons and will not be available outside of these dates. All our wild venison is fully traceable and quality assured.
Our wild venison casserole steak is diced and packed into 300g bags with a 10 day shelf life from dispatch.

Nutritional information per 100g as sold:


Energy 449kj/106kcal

Fat 1.2g

Of which saturates 0.6g

Carbohydrate 1.1g

Of which sugars 0.3g

Protein 22.7g

Salt 0.2g

Cooking tips:
Cooking times and settings are much the same as for any other meat. 2 hours in a medium oven is about right. All meats taste better if browned first. Marinating is not necessary with tender farmed venison, but does add a special winter flavour.