Tips on roasting venison

Thinking of roasting some venison this weekend? Well here are some tips……
As we all know everyone’s oven is different and run at different temperatures but the main tip to remember is that venison can dry very quickly so pink is best. If you aim to slightly undercook and then allow the meat to rest properly you should get the full flavour and tenderness that venison offers.
For boneless joints such as we sell – loins, roasting joints and fillets then it is best to go on the thickness. Always brown on all sides first and then:
For rare – roast for 2 minutes per 1cm, then rest for 2-3 minutes per 1cm
For medium – roast for 3 minutes per 1cm, then rest for 3 minutes per 1 cm
And if you need some recipes then visit our recipe pages on our website for lots of ideas on cooking our venison.
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Serving tips

Always serve pink for the best flavour and tenderness

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