Warming winter venison casserole

Serves 4 You will need a deep oven proof dish and a lid for making this casserole Method Using a large frying pan fry the onion, celery, carrots and garlic. Then add the venison and chopped up smoked bacon and fry until there is some colour on the meat. Next add the tomato puree, leeks and red wine.  Reduce the wine until it has almost gone them add the stock, bay leaves and thyme leaves. Put the mix into a casserole dish and put the lid on.  Cook in the oven at 165°c for 1 ½ hoursIf the meat is tender and the casserole looks rich and sticky great the dish is ready to be served (if the meat needs a little longer then leave it in for another half an hour. Chefs tip: If you need to thicken the dish just add some corn flour mix (mix 2 tablespoons of corn flour and 2 tablespoons of water and add small amounts until the casserole has thickened)
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Serving tips

Why not cook up some red cabbage or some winter root vegetables and serve with mash potatoes. Alternatively, Colcannon mash is a classic Irish dish and would complement the casserole perfectly (spring onion, leeks and cabbage mixed with mash potatoes)

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