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The roast with the most!

So we are coming up to that lovely time of year when the sun is starting to stay out longer, the temperature is slowly climbing and we are all starting to cheer up a bit and realise winter is nearly over.
It also means it is the start of all the upcoming family gatherings like Mother’s Day and Easter. So what better time to get a family roast on!!
And that’s where we come in – if you are going to make a roast make the best and use venison. It’s healthy, flavoursome and is so easy to cook.
You could push the boat out and go for a loin of venison which is amazing roasted on its own, with a variety of sauces or even used in a wellington. Or you could go traditional and get one of our roasting joints (we offer two sizes depending on the number you are serving).
We also have a great library of venison recipes now on our website giving you ideas for every occasion. How about the venison wellington I mentioned above or a succulent roasted venison joint with red wine gravy…….if your mouth is watering already take a look at all the other ideas we have and also all the different cuts of venison - both wild and farmed - that we can offer you.
So go on make Holme Farmed Venison your alternative meat today.