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It’s National Sausage Week-make your “Banger” a Healthier Venison Sausage

Who doesn't love a sausage this time of year? Comforting and just right for Bonfire parties. Sausages are the perfect quick supper add some onion gravy, veg and comforting mash and you have a crowd-pleasing supper. But why are they called Bangers? Albert Jack has written a book, What did Caesar did for my salad,  about the origins of popular dishes including this family favourite, 'Bangers are so-called because after the First World War there was little meat in sausages - just scraps, cereal and water - so they sizzled and spluttered a lot when they were frying. It sounded as if there were mini explosions or bangs, going on, hence the name bangers.' Norma MacMillan’s Bangers and mash with thyme gravy offers more sizzle and less bang by using venison sausages which are half the fat or their counterpart, offering a more flavoursome and healthy alternative. Perfectly paired with greens accompanied by a deep rich gravy is the perfect winter comfort food. Enjoy!