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Tribute to Venison – why not give it a try?

With prominent chefs and restaurants paying tribute to our great British venison with a wide range of sumptuous offerings on their menu, our appetite for venison is growing. As the autumn season takes hold, the crisp autumnal air becomes fringed with frost and the nights begin to close in, what better way to celebrate the season than with friends and family around the table. Whether it is a mid-week supper, dinner party or a quiet night in, seasonal game will make a delicious winter warmer. Jose Souto’s Venison The Game Larder, is a wonderful introduction to venison, enabling us to understand the different species and cuts celebrating this with some fabulous recipes. ‘Trio of venison steaks’ is a perfect easy-to-follow recipe and a great introduction to this delicious alternative to (other red meats). All of our meat is reared naturally, grazing on grass pastures in our farm as well as associated farms across the UK. This guarantees beautifully lean, tender and flavoursome venison that is available all year round. Our wild venison has a more distinct gamey flavour, shares the same low fat and low cholesterol benefits of farmed venison, and is available seasonally. All of our deer are traceable and follow proper quality assurance controls to ensure that you receive the high-quality cuts every time. At Holme Farmed Venison we can supply farmed and wild venison and you can buy direct from our website here.