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What to cook for Mother’s Day?

Its Mother’s Day next week and you’ve decided to treat your Mum by inviting her over for a Sunday dinner that you are cooking…..but what do you cook for the lady who has been cooking for you for years? How do you make it special or different to impress her?
Well why not try cooking venison for your get together. It will always have that little bit of a wow factor when you say it’s venison on the table as its name alone produces images of grandeur. And then when you cook it using one of our delicious venison recipes you will make even more of an impression.
So why not try serving up a Venison Wellington – it’s a delicious variation of a classic dish and as it uses the best cut, our venison loin, it is sure to impress.
Or what about another classic dish that your Mum has probably made and eaten at some point – Steak Diane. Using our tender venison steaks for the recipe instead of beef makes it extra-special.
Or even push the boat out a little further with a venison rack and go with a Roasted Rack of Venison with a Garlic and Herb Crust….yum!!!
But sometimes a good old roast dinner will impress as much and if you roast a venison joint it will be a little bit more impressive!
We have recipes to suit all tastes and cooking abilities and you can buy all our venison online for delivery direct to your door.
So whether it’s for this Mother’s Day or just a special family gathering then make venison your meat of choice and wow everyone at the table.