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Why we should be eating more Venison

Britain should eat more venison suggest the UK Government's Food Strategy and we couldn't agree more! “Instead of investing in sustainable plant-based alternatives, the government aims to increase the seafood sector and ditch beef for “responsibly sourced wild venison”. Our native wild deer are free to roam the British countryside and live a free and wild life. They live and browse off our woodlands, field margins and grasslands, which means the meat is sustainable within it’s environment, and has a life free from growth hormones and chemicals. Venison is a superfood – it contains a healthy source of complex proteins, it’s high in B Vitamins and lower in calories and fat than beef. The fat it does contain is full of Omega-3 Fatty Acids – good fat! Wild venison has low food miles – we can trace all of our venison back to where it lived and died. Nothing goes to waste – we use the hide to produce our range of leather goods, the antlers go to make walking sticks or ornaments and any production waste is used in pet food. The population or deer is increasing, a fully grown deer can eat 5kg of grass per day so by eating Wild Venison we are conserving the countryside, as well as having the healthiest meat available as part of your diet which our ancestors primarily lived on all those years ago.