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Wild for Game!

Game meat is having a renaissance, with good reason: this naturally healthy meat is finding favour with people choosing more ethical “flexitarian” diet. Wild venison has dramatically lower carbon footprint than beef or other farmed meat. Sustainability is at the heart of wild food, and we source wild venison from parklands with the natural cycle of the seasons.  Wild venison has a rich gamey flavour and is highly versatile in the kitchen, from stews and steaks to mince and stir-fries. At Holme Farmed Venison we supply both farmed and wild venison direct to your door!
Classic Venison Stew - What a perfect way to celebrate winter than with this heart-warming venison stew - easy to make, low in fat and works well with fresh greens and creamy mash. Try this quick and easy recipe from Rebecca Franklin

Try the 'Winter Warmer' Venison Box - Free Delivery

This Venison box is great for the colder days to come. Offering a selection of versatile venison cuts for various recipes over the Autumn/Winter, with enough for 2 people or a small family!