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Buying Venison in London

The demand for Venison and Game products in the heart of London is huge, and such products are currently offered by the Borough Market in Southwark, amongst other butchers in Chelsea, Highbury and Clapham. These products come from varied suppliers and can often be sold at times when they have already passed their optimum consumption date.
Last month, I took to the streets of London to check out what was on offer, and see how easy it would be to pick up some steaks during rush hour. Much to my amazement, there was very little Venison to be seen and, despite the obvious health benefits, not many butchers seemed to display it in their shop windows either (a mistake in my mind). After enquiring in a number of places (and over one hour later), I struck gold at a Deli in Hammersmith who kindly wrapped up their remaining three steaks and sent me on my way. It was then apparent to me that London could do with some extra TLC when it comes to getting hold of fresh Venison with minimal hassle.
With the above in mind, and after much planning, we at Holme Farmed Venison can now deliver our award winning produce direct to any door in the UK, with prices starting as low as £2.49 and extremely efficient delivery methods. Interested? Shop Now!
Our range extends from Venison Steaks to Burgers, Sausages and even Game products such as Wood Pigeon, Hares and Rabbit. All products are shipped vacuum packed, in ice, and with a high quality polystyrene casing to protect them. This ensures that your meat arrives as fresh as possible, and ready to freeze or eat as you desire.
Not quite sure if this works for you? Well, you can even pick your own delivery date using our very own "date picker"... meaning you can rest assured you'll be home when our friendly delivery man arrives with your package!
You may even wish to try our range of Wild Venison for additional flavour and health benefits. Alternatively, stick to Farmed Venison for guaranteed satisfaction and excellent value for money!