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Easter Sunday Roast

A family Sunday lunch is generally a big deal and sometimes the only time the family gets the opportunity to sit down all together and Easter Sunday can be one of the biggest Sunday lunches of the year.
Whether you are religious or just enjoying the long bank holiday weekend by seeing your family, a traditional Sunday roast just cannot be beaten. But what meat should you cook? There are so many choices at this time of year.
Well why not try venison for your traditional Sunday roast. It is sure to impress your guests and is healthier than most people realise and it is surprisingly easy to cook. People often don’t know how to cook venison never mind roasting it but it’s such a wonderful meat, takes less time than others to cook and makes a superb alternative for special occasion roasts.
Here at Holme Farmed Venison we offer an extensive range of cuts of venison from tender venison loin to the cost effective boneless venison shoulder joint. All can be roasted and I can assure you all will be delicious.  Also as venison contains less fat than any other meat the cooking time is a lot less - meaning you won’t be slaving over the oven for too long.
We have a fantastic selection of roast venison recipes here on our website to give you an idea of what to cook and lots of tips on how to cook it.
And…..if the weather does change and grace us with some sun for Easter this year you could always dig out the BBQ and cook some of our fantastic venison burgers (also available in gluten free) or venison sausages or even knock up some lovely venison kebabs using our popular venison steaks.
Good quality venison is important and you can be assured that all of our prime venison is from animals reared naturally on our own farm and parks and farms across the UK. It is fully traceable and sustainable and the health benefits are extensive.
So go on, make Easter a little special this year and cook up some venison. You can order from us online order from us online and we will deliver direct to your door. You can also choose your delivery date if you would prefer it nearer the Easter weekend.